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First of all, congratulations!

The very fact that you have found your way to this site shows that you are much more open-minded and exacting than the average man!

You already knowthe benefits of hairlessness in the intimate areas of your body.

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Be careful!

Intimate smoothness is a special experience, but unprofessional shaving can lead to embarrassing results.
it does matter where, and how you get it done.

Traditional waxing in intimate areas is almost always
results in skin damage, inflammation and an increase in ingrown hairs!

You deserve better!

Choose wisely!

At Naturiti, instead of traditional waxing we have developed a special wax for men,
The MicroWaxing for Men technology gently adapts to the characteristics of the
male body. It gently yet effectively helps to remove hairs from the intimate skin surface.

4+1 reason
why you'll love Naturiti!


Special MicroWaxing for Men is tailored to the needs of men's body hair waxing technology The MicroWaxing for Men
so your skin is not only beautifully smooth, but also healthy and supple after your treatment.

Your intimate beautician is not only an expert but an also empathetic and
kind professional you can trust.
No fuss :)



You'll arrive in a sophisticated, discreet environment where
you'll always be
greeted with a warm welcome and even
shower if you wish.
Our pure vegan intimate cosmetics
take care of your skin, so that it is healthy
and youthful after the waxing.



We work with a permanent team, so
you will always meet a familiar face
when you visit us.
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Frequently asked questions

At Naturiti, feel free! Our waxing method is designed for hair removal from sensitive skin areas. It's an extremely gentle procedure, complemented by a vegan intimate skincare treatment that not only protects, but leaves your skin looking fresh and glowing. An interesting fact: 7 times out of 10, it turns out that there is no skin sensitivity involved, just that the method of hair removal is not adapted to the skin type. So, come on!

No, of course not! I can handle that. For an effective treatment, you need a certain hair length anyway, so that the resin has something to "grip". So leave it as it is and I'll trim it down to the ideal size. By the way, if you sign up, I'll send you some tips on how to get ready.

The ideal hair length is 3-5mm, but don't go for centimetres : ) If you've shaved before, this is somewhere around 8-10 days after your last shave. If you have longer hair, that's not a problem, I can fix that.

The first waxing may be a little uncomfortable, but it's not unbearable pain. We'll take baby steps and I'll take good care of your skin. Our special intimate cosmetics will also help to make the treatment as gentle as possible. And the end result will make up for everything. I promise!

The other way round. If you regularly visit an intimate beautician, your hairs will get weaker and softer. That's why intimate hair removal becomes an easier experience over time.

Nothing : ) It is an intimate beauty aesthetic service. Nothing more, nothing less. The treatments are done in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, but without any sensuality. A bit like undressing in front of the doctor. Even if you get excited during a waxing, the world doesn't fall apart. Your intimate beautician is an intelligent and empathetic professional who won't be fazed by such things. She will continue the treatment as if nothing had happened. So you won't stumble or run screaming from the practitioner : ) Don't worry about it.

Yes, quite calmly. And I'll also show you what you can do to prevent ingrown hair

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Partial intimate waxing

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Complete intimate waxing

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Partial intimate waxing

In this case, we usually only wax the scrotum and the pubic hair, but if you prefer, we can also wax the inner curve of the buttocks and/or trim the pubic mound free of charge.

Price: 13.900 Ft

Complete intimate waxing

The entire intimate skin area is depilated, including the pubic mound, glans, scrotum, perineum and anus, as well as the inner curve of the buttocks. Under and over, front and back.

Price: 16.900 Ft

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Two fingers more than the full intimate waxing described above.
Two fingers more than the full intimate waxing described above. The penis, pubic mound, scrotum, perineum, anus, and inner curve of the buttocks are waxed. In addition, the thigh line is waxed with two fingers beyond an imaginary swallow-bottom cover.

Price: 17.900 Ft


Labia, penis, perineum, anus, inner and outer buttocks (buttocks) and thighs are depilated in an imaginary boxer shorts cover.

Price: 19.000 Ft

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You are welcome!


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What can you expect if you book now?


Without this, you should not start waxing! Your intimate beautician will carefully assess the area of skin to be waxed and will tailor the most suitable, gentle intimate hair removal procedure to your intimate skin type.

Naturiti's waxing method allows men with the most sensitive skin to experience intimate hairlessness in an exciting new way. You will love it!

Naturiti's vegan intimate skin care products protect against infections and inflammation, and are a wonderful way to promote intimate skin renewal. It's comforting to be able to nourish your skin with pure plant-based ingredients during the treatment.

I'll show you how to maintain the healthy freshness of your intimate skin after waxing every day. I'll tell you in detail what, when, with what and how to do to avoid intimate skin problems such as rashes, inflammation or hair growth.

Complete intimate waxing

16.900 Ft

Now: you're furry. After we met: You enjoy the smooth smoothness.

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