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Intimate cosmetician

About Naturiti

Naturiti Hungary's first intimate cosmetics salon opened its first salon 13 years ago, creating a new category in the beauty services market. Unlike traditional waxing salons, Naturiti focuses on professional intimate skin care, effective and safe hair removal. 

We are committed to clean and natural solutions, and therefore clearly exclude all forms of laser, IPL and chemical hair removal from our activities. Intimkozmetikai kezeléseink során saját fejlesztésű, vegán intimkozmetikumokkal dolgozunk.


Dear future Team Member!

You're just in time, you know? Our colleagues and I have spent the last 13 years creating not only the most professional intimate cosmetics community in the country, but also the most loving clientele you can imagine !  

Our guests don't drop in off the street, but arrive at a pre-booked time, on time and prepared. They are demanding and kind people who are used to and expect the Naturiti quality they have been used to for 13 years.

We work in a demanding and harmonious environment. We use high quality, vegan intimate cosmetics in our treatments. You will receive a gift of these, so you can experience their effects for yourself.

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Kriszti Nagy, Hungary's first intimate beautician, founder and owner of Naturiti (who will hold your hand the whole time)

What does an intimate beautician do?


What will we teach you?

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We're looking for you

 if you love what you do and enjoy putting your talents to good use - in our case, helping hundreds of women to live their femininity more liberated and joyfully.


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We have created a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in our salons and we work daily to make you feel at home.

To do this, of course, we need you.

Of course, we need you to do that too. You'll arrive in a well-developed, predictable professional environment where you'll have the support of the whole Naturiti team.

Our mission

Properly cared for intimate skin is now an important measure of sophistication.

Our goal is to educate everyone, regardless of age or gender, about natural and safe Naturiti solutions for intimate hair removal and vegan methods of intimate skin care at home. 

With our professional knowledge and personality, we help our guests to experience their intimate moments more freely and joyfully.

That's why it's good to be here

or so they say

Professional education system

We start from the ground up and build your skills step by step, so you can enjoy and practice with confidence. You'll learn a new trade with us. We'll hold your hand and never let go!

Loving working

Cat fights? Insults? No thanks! We work in a friendly and supportive, authentic "Naturiti atmosphere". Harmonikus, barátságos és támogató légkörben, igazi „Naturiti hangulatban” dolgozunk. Máshogyan nem is tudnánk, hiszem mi vagyunk a Naturiti 🙂

Financial and professional appreciation

A clear and transparent salary system. 8 hours of declared working hours. Predictable career goals. If you work hard and grow, your customers will love you and you will earn more and more. Better and better...

This is what we expect from you

if you join

Positive attitude

We're constantly learning and improving, looking for solutions rather than problems and complaints, so it's important that you have the drive for self-improvement. This will only happen with a positive attitude.

Team spirit

At Naturiti, we all help and support each other. We are a team, so we genuinely enjoy each other's successes. You're joining a great community where we want you to play an important role!

Apply now

and find out more ...

#1 Submit the form

This is the first and most important step on your way to a successful career in Naturiti.

#2 We'll arrange a meeting

We will contact you by phone within 24 hours of receiving your application. If you see this number, it's us: +36 20 572 9000

#3 We will talk

We will sit down in one of the Naturiti salons and discuss everything over a cup of coffee or tea. It'll be fun!

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