Vegan Body Hair Removal & Intimate Cosmetics

We help you get rid of the intimate cosmetic skin problems associated with hair removal with personalised and natural procedures. Inflammation? Redness? Hair growths? You can say goodbye to them!

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2 minutes for the whole...

We can help

Having trouble with intimate body hair removal?

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A professional status assessment is essential before intimate body hair removal. Yet, most establishments forget to do this, though...

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Intimate hair growth, rashes and inflammation. Many women consider these discomforts to be part of intimate hair removal. In fact, they can be easily avoided, but only if...

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Different from a traditional waxing salon. We use the Naturiti Microwaxing 5.2 process to remove hair under intimate cosmetic conditions...

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With the right intimate care products, you can not only avoid the skin problems associated with intimate hair removal but also...

We care for you

Caring intimate cosmetics

Expertise is essential, yet at Naturiti we find it equally important that you can rely on kind, empathetic and dedicated professionals.

We provide safe solutions in the following areas:


Easily accessible, clean, stylish salons. The girls are friendly and work very well! I can recommend them to anyone, you are in good hands!


It's not cheap, but professional, clean, and reliable. The quality of the products they use is great. I came for the first time almost a year ago and have not regretted it. Great place!


I've been with them for 1 year now and will only keep going back. The team is incredibly professional and everyone is very nice and friendly!!

We take care

Comprehensive intimate skin care

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Vegan body hair removal

From head to toe. Clean and safe even in the most sensitive areas

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Intimate skin diagnostics

Professional status assessment and personalised advice

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Vegan intimate cosmetics

Regular use of our products can help you avoid or effectively treat intimate skin problems

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Intimate skin therapy

Effective treatment of hair growths, inflammations and rashes

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Naturiti microwaxing

An intimate hair removal procedure developed for people with sensitive skin. We can help you too

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Intim anti aging

Intimate skin rejuvenation treatments for lush and youthful skin

We care for you

Gentle, natural procedures

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An ancient ritual reimagined

"Naturiti 5.3 Microwaxing is a body hair removal procedure that has been continuously developed over the last 15 years and has roots in ancient times. "

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In harmony with nature

Our salon operations are based on the principle of fertility, which is why we reject artificial procedures such as IPL or chemical hair removal.

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Vegan care

"Our treatments use vegan and natural intimate skincare products, and we use our own blended resins for hair removal. "

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A procedure based on thousands of years of women's experience, with no side effects.

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The method considers the stages of body hair growth; it does not disrupt natural processes.

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Intimate waxing is an ancient ritual perceived in Eastern cultures as a purification.


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